The blog of a free-lance Registered Public Health Nutritionist

Starting off in the realms of free lance work is daunting.  This blog is really a place to record my journey, learn something new that could be helpful having never written a blog or had a website, recording some of the CPD (Continued Professional Development for those who are not familiar with the acronym!) and indulge in some of my personal nutrition interests – like my work with the Suffolk Branch of the Multiple Scelerosis Society, interstitial cystitis (having been recently diagnosed), my general interest in healthier catering, and eating well in older age.

Being a mum of young children and a Beaver Leader (for my sins) and working for a County Council helping them with nutrition analysis to ensure that their menus meet school lunch nutrient standards – clearly I am also very interested in ensuring that kids learn about eating well and that parents have the skills they need to help them navigate the traumas of feeding their kids.

This blog is a place to practice my writing skills and learn about blogging and using the internet to build my work base, developing the things that I  am passionate about and see if I can make them part of earning a living!  The ultimate goal – focussing the work I do around issues that are important to me and things that I enjoy.  It won’t always work but if that is the aim I might get part of the way there.

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