Mind the Gap…

The Hunger Gap that is.  The BDA is launching a campaign to tackle malnutrition amongst older people living in their own homes.


There is a myth that malnutrition is a problem for developing countries however there are far too many cases of malnutrition here in the UK.  Over the years, I have experience of nutrition issues affecting older people and catering within in care homes.  I have, through this experience, become very aware of the numbers of older people living in their own homes who slip into malnutrition and the effect this has on health and life quality.  I am really pleased to see the BDA iniating this campaign.  So I want to actively support it as much as I can.

There is a link to a good resource giving advice to those who have small appetites and are underweight or losing weight rapidly –  http://www.ndr-uk.org/Food-Fortification/122-Eating-Better-Feeling-Better-A5.html?keyword=eat+better+feel+better

This website looks to be a useful source of a range of nutrition resources.

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  1. FoxSocks says:

    this is a huge issue for older people in all sorts of environments.
    often people in their own homes get missed as no-one is looking out for them regularly in the way a nurse would in a nursing home.
    In my job I often encourage people to have a nosey in older relatives fridge and cupboards to see whats available to them to eat. Make sure the cooker and microwave work! make sure they can oprate the can opener etc!

  2. I agree. I hope this campaign raises awareness amongst the public and carers of the things they can do to make sure their loved ones and neighbours aren’t drifting into malnutrition. Little things like you suggest can make such a difference. Having time to stop in a make a cup of tea and a snack to share can do so much or running someone to a lunch club. It is not just the nutrition aspect but also averting loneliness which unfortunately in our busy society is another thing that is a real problem for many older people living in their own homes.

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