Eating for Menopause

I have been working hard with Dr Laura Wyness on a project for a while and it is really exciting to say that it is finished. This mini-book addresses many of the questions that women ask about the symptoms of menopause and how diet and lifestyle changes can improve them.

The book provides a summary of the science, practical diet and lifestyle tips and tailored recipes to support women going through the menopause.  Questions discussed in the book include:​

  • How can I best manage my weight during the menopause and maintain muscle?
  • How does the menopause affect my bones and am I at risk of osteoporosis?
  • Is my risk of heart disease much higher after menopause and what foods benefit my heart?
  • Does menopause affect my sleep and can my diet improve it?
  • Can diet lessen the effects that menopause has on emotions and mood?
  • Can my diet prevent menopausal hair loss and my skin becoming dry?
  • Supplements and diets for menopause – do they deliver what they promise?

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