Plant Based Milk Alternatives

Do you drink plant based milks at all? There seems to be a real boom in the varieties available and they are made from a range of different plants. Once upon a time you might be able to find soya milk alternative if you were lucky but now if you want to have something non-dairy you have a huge choice. Almond to coconut, hemp to oat, cashew and rice all vie for your attention on the shelves alongside soya which seems rather boring and everyday.

Over on Let’s Talk Food Facebook group we are asking what questions people have? We are preparing for the next in our series of Q&A videos answering real questions about nutrition topics from real people.

What would you like to know? Plant based milks often sit well in place of milk on cereal or in a sauce or to make our latte or hot chocolate but how do they compare nutritionally? Are you completely plant based ? Is there anything you want to know about how these milks are contributing to your nutrient intake. Are they all equally as good for the environment or are there things we should be aware of?

I will put a little summary on the blog after for you to learn more.

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