Do you Tofu?

I have been writing again with my good friend Dr Laura Wyness. Working on the menopause book we have been highlighting the benefits of isoflavones for women with regard to managing hot flushes and the positive effect on cholesterol.

The main source of isoflavones or phytoestrogens is in soya and soya products. Simply by including one or two servings a day can have a very positive effect on health but it seems that people don’t really know how to practically do this.

Aha – idea for a book!! We have pulled together information explaining phytoestrogens – what they are and how they are beneficial. We give some images on what a serving of soya looks like, the range of products available and how to include them easily in your menu.

Of course, as with our other booklets, we have included some recipes. We have enjoyed testing them a lot. I think my favourite is the Korean braised tofu recipe – so delicious. I also loved cooking Tempeh so it tasted like the Tempeh I remember from travels in Indonesia.

The most surprising recipe was the silken tofu chocolate pudding. Rich and creamy, perfect to serve as a dessert for a dinner party especially if you have some pretty espresso cups to serve it in.

Given that COP26 has been considering climate change at that one of the positive things we can do as individuals is to reduce our animal products, these recipes can help us to increase our plant based foods in a delicious and nutritious way, how about a meat-free meal with one of these recipes.

We are in the last stages of proof reading the booklet so watch this space – it will be available really soon.

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