Ending 2021 with a success!!

The last two years has been hard in many ways. Living life in the throes of a pandemic and a major historical event can be tough at times to say the least. It makes it more important to review the year seeking out the positives and the successes.

Despite a lot of tough stuff that 2021 has thrown the world, it feels like we are rounding off 2021 with a big success. Eating Well for Menopause – a course for women – has been published!! We thought at times we might never finish it. But we did and it is looking good.

It is time to unveil the course in time for Christmas.

If there is a woman in your life that would like a course like this as a gift then you can purchase the Eating Well for Menopause Gift Voucher.

Working with Laura has been a true highlight of 2021. Our little project – a short booklet to help women navigate menopause – grew legs. We thought that turning the booklet into an on line course for women would be a great idea. But some other projects got in the way.

The desire of health professionals to know more about diet and menopause led us to give talks to Association for Nutrition regional groups and Nutrition Graduates. So the course for women was put on the back burner to make way for a course specifically for health professionals. This AfN endorsed course has proved popular and we have received some lovely reviews.

Added to the mix, we provided a work placement for a student that led to another booklet. We felt that with the pandemic and Brexit having effects on the money coming in for many families, tips on eating well with a bit less cash was a timely booklet. Even with the hard work of the student there was a lot to do.

In the background, we kept chipping away at the course aimed at women approaching or going through menopause. And finally, after so much time an effort, we did it!!!

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