Real live workshop!!

This week, all being well, will be my first face to face nutrition workshop for what feels like forever. As for most other people, Covid has pushed everything on line and I have become much more comfortable facilitating meetings on line and presenting whilst sitting in my little room talking to my computer. It feels weird without that natural feedback from people – seeing their engagement and hearing their questions via a screen is not the same as properly face to face.

In some ways it feels safer on-line, when you finish and the talk is over everyone disappears. You are in your home environment, you are more confident that things will work aside from maybe a dip in wifi speed, more in control perhaps. Yet, I like to be in a room with real people, even if it makes me more nervous beforehand!

On Tuesday, it will be back to hoping that the projector works, that the little exercises will work, that people will be prepared to engage and participate, that the questions will be easy to answer and that I keep to time, am clear and interesting with people leaving feeling like they have got some things to put into practice at home. A bit of nerves is good – no nerves at all then maybe you are not taking it seriously enough!!

This first session is a simple back to basics, trying to make the words ‘healthy and balanced’ less vague and easier to put into practice. Healthy and balanced seems so simple but surprisingly hard to nail down and pull into a plan of action. To apply to planning and putting together meals, stumbling through the information and choice overload, all the general myths and marketing.

The participants will get access to some resources and recipes to help put it into practice with a discount code to the Eating Well Handbook. Wish me luck!!!

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