Nutrition & Hydration Week 2022

This week is Nutrition & Hydration which aims to prevent malnutrition, something that is surprisingly common in Europe for a wide range of reasons. It is a common belief that malnutrition is a problem in hospitals and care homes, something that doctors, nurses, dietitians and caterers within the care sector are responsible for fixing. But over 90% of malnutrition occurs in the community. In people’s homes.

People who are ill or frail arrive into a care setting already malnourished. Sometimes it is malnutrition that is the reason that results in a stay in hospital or another care setting. The body has not enough resources to fight of illness or prevent a fall.

There are so many resources on the Nutrition & Hydration Week website that can be really useful for you if you are or are supporting someone who is unwell, has a loss of appetite or has issues with cooking or shopping. This could be due to frailty, undergoing long term treatment like chemotherapy, recovering from illness or surgery, dementia or mental health issues.

Unintentional weight loss, even if someone is starting at a higher weight, particularly if it is quite rapid, can be a sign that intakes of nutrients are too low to maintain strength and good health. Simple swaps and strategies can make it easier to eat enough along with nutrient dense recipes for meals, snacks and drinks.

Some of these may appear unhealthy yet in the context of poor appetite and illness these can be perfect to help maintain strength, keep them out of hospital and maintain a better quality of life whatever is going on with their health.

For a set of recipes, developed by Brakes head to the resources page of the website – each day of the week covers a different opportunity to add a bit extra to the day. Check out the recipes for breakfasts, supper time snacks, afternoon teas, drinks, ideas for adding fruit, smoothies and sundaes this week.

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