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El Salvador Pupusas

I promised some recipes after camp which seems like a long time ago.  Autumn is coming and it is getting cold.  School has started and holidays are over so seems a good reason to revisit good times in the Summer. The first recipe I promised was pupusas from El Salvador. Pupusas are like maize tortillas with… Continue reading El Salvador Pupusas

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Scout camp kitchen, Interamericas style.

19 people to feed for a week when the kitchen is a gazebo, a couple of fold up tables and 2 sturdy, double gas burners with 14 of those being fed are 6 to 13 years old, one of whom does not eat gluten or dairy. A culinary challenge you might say….especially when you add… Continue reading Scout camp kitchen, Interamericas style.

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Brownies – I like them fruity

Brownies are not something I make a lot.  They are quite indulgent and as a result need a lot of butter, eggs, chocolate and brown sugar – so generally need to go and shop before I make brownies.  My regular bakes are generally more frugal (but still yummy!) so there is always enough ingredients in… Continue reading Brownies – I like them fruity