How can I help?

One to one or friendly workshop, in person or via internet. Want to improve your overall diet or just want to discuss a particular issue, I can work with you to find easy ways to eat better. If you are caring for someone with a long term health condition, I can also give workshops to help cooking for caring.

I can write articles for magazines, blogs or websites on all kinds of food and nutrition topics.

Find some examples here.

Analyse a recipe for menu labelling or to improve the nutrient profile, analyse a menu to see how it helps to meet health recommendations or a food diary to see how someone can make positive changes to what they eat – it is all possible.

Reports can be provided in French.

Get together with friends to cook together whilst making balanced meals or learning how to cook for particular dietary requirements.

As a Scout leader, very happy to help teach expedition style cooking to DofE participants, cook with children and prepare young people heading to university.