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Let me introduce the humble Potimarron

This cute little squash is called Potimarron here in France.  I really don’t know how easy it is to buy in the UK.  We don’t really do pumpkin and squash in the UK.  Except for Butternut squash and the tasteless orange pumkins that make good lanterns for Halloween.  Here in the markets this time of… Continue reading Let me introduce the humble Potimarron

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Do you know someone with cancer?

I found out recently that a friend has been diagnosed with cancer.  It is not the first time that a friend of mine has been through the mill (she came out the other side and is fit and healthy several years later- hooray) and I have seen friends cope with family members or close friends… Continue reading Do you know someone with cancer?

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Happy New Year – some festive recipes

Things get busy in the run up to Christmas and things have been quiet on the blog during December.  I thought I would begin the New Year with a few festive successes on the food front.  I have already shared my first attempt at mincemeat  despite intending to make my own most years. I have also wanted… Continue reading Happy New Year – some festive recipes

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Festive main course for vegetarians

During the festive season with a vegetarian at the table needs some fancy food that sits nicely with the trimmings of the festive meal.  This is the hit of this Christmas but could be used any time of year – in the summer it could be served with a salad or an interesting coleslaw like the… Continue reading Festive main course for vegetarians

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How about a Xmas Latte anyone?

It is that time of the year again.  Creeping into middle of November, its getting cold and dark, warming mugs of hot milky drinks are just the ticket.  To start getting all festive, lots of our favourite coffee shop chains are bringing out their flavoured hot drinks.  Gingerbread latte, eggnogg latte, fudge hot chocolate and… Continue reading How about a Xmas Latte anyone?