Evidence Based Nutrition

In today’s world of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it is getting easier and easier to share opinion and also to choose your news feed. There are lots of positives to this but there is also the risk that well researched, evidence and fact based information from independent sources gets lost in the sea of information.

It is particularly true of food and nutrition information. Everyone eats and so anyone can share their opinion and all too often it is well presented pseudoscience or’I did this and it worked for me’. And there is so much of it that it drowns out credible sources of evidence based nutrition information. You really a degree in nutrition to sort the wheat from the chafe.

With a degree in nutrition and quite a lot of years as a registered nutritionist, with plenty of experience in many aspects of food and nutrition, Lynn can help you to navigate through the noise to sound information.

One to one, small groups, in person or via internet, nutrition information, inspiration and practical tips to eat better and feel healthier.

Weaning workshops, intuitive eating, adapting recipes, coping with allergies or the teen who wants to be vegan – whatever the food question, answers that are evidence based and practical.

Writing articles for magazines, websites, blogs, social media etc on food and nutrition including recipes and menu plans.

Cooking classes for any age with a focus on everyday, easy to prepare food with the aim to keep eating well and good nutrition in mind.

With years of Scouting experience, DofE students preparing for their expedition, youth groups planning menus for camps or residentials, preparing young people for life at uni, eating well classes for school kids and family classes are all possible.

Recipe analysis for labeling, food diaries, menus etc. Reports that can also be given in French. This also includes allergy information. The analysis can be used to help revise recipes or multi day menus to improve nutrient profiles.