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I love a good Food Story. What do I mean by that?

Eating is part of our lives. It is important for our health – both mental and physical. Food involves all our senses. It often tells a story of who we are, where we have lived, what is going on in our lives. We celebrate with it, socialise with it, use it to show we care and seek comfort from it. We control it in order to change our bodies, to try to fix our bodies. It can be a chore and it can be joy. It can be mindless and boring. Or indulgent and exciting. For most of us it is a blend of all these things.

Feeling confident about our food choices really helps to have a good Food Story. One that allows us to enjoy food, understand the effect of food on our health and have relaxed mealtimes.

If your Food Story feels in need of a bit of love so you can feel more confident shopping and cooking food for your family, see how I can help you.

Or if you are in the business of helping people live healthier lives, see how I can support you.

Want to eat better with less stress? Try this meal plan.

A meal plan can be a way to reduce stress, plan meals around the crazy days, reduce waste and buy better.

I’ve created a simple evening meal plan with recipes and suggestions for you to try.

Click here to get it!

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