Lynn Burns, Registered Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Lynn. I’m a registered nutritionist from the UK currently based in France. I help busy families to eat well no matter what life throws at them.  If you’re caring for babies, grandparents and everyone in between, my mission is to help you to achieve balanced meals with less stress, gain confidence with shopping, cooking so that mealtimes are for making memories and making sure that everyone at the table gets what they need.

Need Some Evening Meal Inspiration?

One of the big challenges feeding families is inspiration. We end up rotating the same few meals over and over. Let me give you some inspriration for your evening meals?

I’ve created a simple evening meal plan.

Click here to get it!

What we eat and how we eat is influenced by so many things. These days there is so much pressure and judgement around the food we eat and our eating habits it’s no wonder that it’s a source of stress for the person who shops and cooks for the family.

We all have our own unique food story

We can feel like our story isn’t good enough and it effects our confidence in the kitchen, how we shop. I want to support your family’s food story so that you have positive relationship with food.

Why we like what we like… why we buy what we buy. Our health, their health, the fussy child, the hungry teen, the elderly parent… All these factors contribute to our food story.

How I can help


Kind Words from Past Clients

” Lynn was incredibly enthusiastic when she came into our ‘healthy eating’ lessons. The students were engaged and attentive due to her clear love for her subject. Thank you for all your energy.”

Tania, teacher

“I’ve just got my repeat HbA1c blood test result back and it’s back in the normal blood sugar range!  So happy!  Your advice has been more helpful than I can possibly say – thank you so much.  I’ve even lost some weight which I wasn’t  even trying to do. “


“Thank you for all your help – it was so appreciated and we have had the best year of D of E in terms of people managing their food properly.
The participants were very pleased to have some suggested recipes and to have your guidelines too.  So much so, I was wondering if you would be free and willing to help out this year too????”

Ruth, Duke of Edinburgh coordinator.

“Lynn – I love the website, the blog posts and I can’t wait to get the recipes! Well done you, using your knowledge and skills as a Registered Nutritionist to bring fantastic nutrition guidance to families. 
It’s so refreshing to see the contrast to all of the nutrition misinformation we are bombarded with on social media – Thank you!” 


“When you are cooking alone you can feel that you don’t have any ideas of what to do! But with a cooking class like Lynn’s one, not only you learn new nice recipes but also you cook surrounded by very nice ladies! It’s a win win!”


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