Eating Well on a Budget

Eating Well on a Budget‘ is aimed at families who have had to tighten their budget due to a drop in income or increased outgoings or trying to save money.

There is a lot of evidence that highlights how hard it is to eat well on less money, this booklet intends to give easy tips to help save money on food yet still eat nutritious and tasty meals. It also highlights how eating sustainably does not need to carry a price premium.

This is supported by recipes that are nutritious and cheap, help to reduce food waste and make use of canned or frozen products which can be cheaper and waste less.

Eating Well for Menopause

‘Eating Well for Menopause’ is a book to help women navigate the myths and truths of eating well through menopause.  

​It summarises the biology of menopause, its symptoms and effects on women’s bodies.  The book explores how changes in diet can support you through the menopause, with a selection of tasty, simple recipes to help.  

​The authors are Dr Laura Wyness and Lynn Burns, two Registered Nutritionists with the Association for Nutrition.​

A digital PDF of the book is available to buy in either pounds or euros.


Making life a little easier living with cancer

Many cancer patients have no specific dietary needs and are advised to eat a healthy, balanced diet but cancer treatment can make that simple advice hard. Appetite and taste preferences can change and some days, particularly soon after treatment, fatigue and feeling unwell can make eating a challenge.  ​

We wanted to help make things a bit easier for individuals and family’s going through cancer. This booklet contains some useful dietary tips and a selection of nutritious dinners, mini-meals, snacks and drinks to help make eating well easier in spite of the challenges cancer throughs their way. ​

This was written to raise funds for Maggie’s Centres who support cancer patients and their families. Please make a donation and then download a copy direct to your inbox.