About me

I am  Registered Nutritionist with a BSc(hons) in Food and Nutritional Science.  I worked for the Food Standards Agency and Department of Health in the UK giving me a wide experience in the field of public health nutrition.  I was also a trustee for the Caroline Walker Trust whose mission is to improve public health through good food.

I am registered with the Association of Nutrition, an organisation which is fighting for ‘nutritionist’ to be a protected title so that the public can find it easier to get nutrition advice from properly trained individuals.  Visit their website to find out what it means to be a registered nutritionist.

I am one of the founders and moderators of @AfNutr Twitter Chats which aims to promote conversation between nutritionists of all specialisms and all levels of experience on evidence based nutrition but also to help raise the profile of registered nutritionists to the wider world.

I am a food geek – I love the science behind our food.  I am passionate about eating well and making life better through good food.  In this world where we are marketed to incessantly and the media is full of ‘wellness’ experts sharing dubious information – it is really important to get evidence based information out there.  

This is probably me at my happiest – at Scout camp. Here I am making Pupusas, stuffed tortillas from El Salvador, ready to have lots of scouts visit my kitchen to have a go at making them. And, yes, that tent was my kitchen for a week!! Cooking for about 20 people.

Scouting allows me get young people involved in cooking, learn some life skills but also to see food as a way to learn about other cultures, health and environmental issues. And of course I love it when lots of cubs and scouts tell me how good a cook I am. I don’t tell them that it is because camp makes you hungry that the food tastes so good!

But I am passionate about other things too:

  • inspiring people to cook and to take an interest in where their food comes from, who is making it and how to make informed choices
  • nutrition and healthy aging
  • raising awareness of malnutrition and eating well for those with conditions like MS, Parkinson’s Disease etc and supporting their carers.
  • the ongoing scientific developments in the world of food and nutrition and communicating this to a wider audience
  • intuitive eating and helping people to let go of diet culture, to focus on health rather than a number on the scales.

Enjoy my blog and if you would like more information on how I might be able to address a food issue for you or your business then get in touch.

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