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Mindful Eating – what is it?

I am no expert in Mindfulness as a concept.  But mindfulness and eating is becoming a very hot topic and it interests me a lot. I have always been a little uncomfortable with ‘diets’ and the restriction and unrealistic eating patterns that they often result in.  Then when the diet is over, the tendency is… Continue reading Mindful Eating – what is it?

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Mindful eating could help your waistline

Mindfulness is a big thing at the moment and this concept applied to eating is gaining traction amongst nutritionists and dietitians particularly challenging the clean eating and other eating styles that can upset our relationship with food. There isn’t a whole load of evidence on weight management and mindful eating although there is a lot… Continue reading Mindful eating could help your waistline

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Broad beans in season….just in at the market.

I need to try a new recipe with the broad beans. Broad bean and courgette pilaf inspired by lovely Simon Rimmer, he does good veggie recipes..  As per usual didn’t quite have the full ingredients but I did have some asparagus and runner beans. The recipe also requested to slice and griddle the courgettes but… Continue reading Broad beans in season….just in at the market.