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El Salvador Pupusas

I promised some recipes after camp which seems like a long time ago.  Autumn is coming and it is getting cold.  School has started and holidays are over so seems a good reason to revisit good times in the Summer. The first recipe I promised was pupusas from El Salvador. Pupusas are like maize tortillas with… Continue reading El Salvador Pupusas

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Brownies – I like them fruity

Brownies are not something I make a lot.  They are quite indulgent and as a result need a lot of butter, eggs, chocolate and brown sugar – so generally need to go and shop before I make brownies.  My regular bakes are generally more frugal (but still yummy!) so there is always enough ingredients in… Continue reading Brownies – I like them fruity

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How to Cook an Egg in an Orange…

…did I tell you I was a cub leader?  Had so much fun on Friday evening building fires and cooking on them.  The cubs loved it. I made damper dough so they could wrap it around sticks to cook it over the hot embers – something that could be done over a BBQ.  Simply mix… Continue reading How to Cook an Egg in an Orange…

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Cooking Club in Maisons-Laffitte – my trial session

I had a trial cooking club session.  I have been talking and thinking about doing something like this for a long time.  Get people together to cook – share recipes, have fun cooking and eating together.  It doesn’t matter whether people are good cooks already or want to learn new skills, looking for inspiration for… Continue reading Cooking Club in Maisons-Laffitte – my trial session

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Mindful Eating – what is it?

I am no expert in Mindfulness as a concept.  But mindfulness and eating is becoming a very hot topic and it interests me a lot. I have always been a little uncomfortable with ‘diets’ and the restriction and unrealistic eating patterns that they often result in.  Then when the diet is over, the tendency is… Continue reading Mindful Eating – what is it?