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Food Matters Live 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to London for 3 days of feeling all grown up and professional.  Food Matters Live is a big event aimed at anyone involved in food – food manufacturers, food scientists, food developers, food writers, nutritionists, dietitians, researchers etc.  It has an incredible array of seminars in 9 or… Continue reading Food Matters Live 2018

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Mindful Eating – what is it?

I am no expert in Mindfulness as a concept.  But mindfulness and eating is becoming a very hot topic and it interests me a lot. I have always been a little uncomfortable with ‘diets’ and the restriction and unrealistic eating patterns that they often result in.  Then when the diet is over, the tendency is… Continue reading Mindful Eating – what is it?

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Back to Twitter and Sugar at the same time…

…I have a bee in my bonnet on this whole Twitter/Social Media thing.  Sorry to bore you all with it.  My Twitter feed was full of People Against Sugar Tax.  I kept them in my feed for reasons of seeing what the other view is.  I was talking about how social media does more to… Continue reading Back to Twitter and Sugar at the same time…