Talking to other Nutritionists

I will be talking to the AfN Yorkshire and Humberside regional group tomorrow sharing information on Eating Well for Menopause to a group of nutritionists.

After we released our booklet, there was interest from other nutritionists to know more about how to present eating well information to this group of women. I am really looking forward to it and happy to be able to give some CPD to the group.

Continued Professional Development is vital to all registered nutritionist to maintain their registration, developing the booklet was CPD for me and, tomorrow lunchtime, I will share some of that learning with a group of other nutritionists. It is an opportunity to support the Nutritionist community and support the work of the regional AfN groups – they do us a great service.

If you are a registered nutritionist and are not involved in a regional group, do search for your local one. They are great local network for nutritionists and particularly useful for independent nutritionists to feel less isolated. A big thank you to all the AfN reps for all you do organising events like this and providing a local communities for us with CPD events and sharing information.

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