Businesses and Nutritionists

If you are passionate about helping people to eat better, I can support you with your resources providing articles and blog content, analysing recipes and diet diaries, developing menu plans that meet nutrient and food based guidelines.

Giving you more time to work directly with your clients.

Recipe Analysis

Nutritics reports in English or French

If you write recipes or develop meal plans, I can analyse the nutrients to produce reports that include information per 100g or per serving, provide allergen labelling for the 14 major allergens and labelling information that meets EU legislation.

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Menu Planning

Analysed and compared to health recommendations

If you work with gyms or on work place health programmes, often there is an interest in meal plans or suggested lunches, breakfasts etc.

With my experience in school menu planning and analysis and within government developing guidelines for healthier catering, I can develop menus addressing a range of issues that your clients would like addressed. Presented with your or your client’s branding.

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Articles or blog content

I enjoy writing and have experience of writing to many different audiences. I can write blog content and articles for magazines or other material.

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Let’s work together to improve your client’s health.