If you are in the business of helping people to eat better, then maybe I can support you in your business.


Are you gym with members requesting balanced menus? Are you a nutritionist running work place wellness whose clients are requesting menus?

I can provide branded menus that meet recommendations and have been analysed to ensure they are balanced.

These can be sets of evening meals, all day menus, lunches or breakfasts. They can take into account dietary requirements etc


Do you need website content, magazine articles, contributions for blogs on food and nutrition topics? Do you need recipes that work for a theme that you are discussing?

I can provide articles, content and recipes (fully analysed). Here are few examples of articles I have written:


Do you need the nutrient content of products or recipes? Using a well respected nutrient analysis package, I can provide full reports including front of pack labeling information, allergy information and full nutrient breakdown.

If you have nutrient criteria to meet, I can work with you to adjust recipes to get the nutrient profile that you need.

Reports can be given in French.

Let’s make a better Food Story together.