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Indian themed cub sleepover

We had a taste of India at cubs on Friday night.  We had a sleepover at the church where we meet.  An Indian friend of mine (thank you so much Meena!!) came and answered questions about India, showed them a little Bollywood dancing and helped the cubs make chapattis, raita and a Indian semolina dessert. … Continue reading Indian themed cub sleepover

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Paleo baby food. Whatever next?

There are, thankfully, more stories exposing restrictive eating styles as the Fads they are and not the automatic route to wellness as promised by the self styled, unqualified gurus. A lovely article in the Irish Sunday Independent when I was in Dublin a little while back, picking apart the Gwynneth Paltrow, Goop image of what… Continue reading Paleo baby food. Whatever next?

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El Salvador Pupusas

I promised some recipes after camp which seems like a long time ago.  Autumn is coming and it is getting cold.  School has started and holidays are over so seems a good reason to revisit good times in the Summer. The first recipe I promised was pupusas from El Salvador. Pupusas are like maize tortillas with… Continue reading El Salvador Pupusas

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Scout camp kitchen, Interamericas style.

19 people to feed for a week when the kitchen is a gazebo, a couple of fold up tables and 2 sturdy, double gas burners with 14 of those being fed are 6 to 13 years old, one of whom does not eat gluten or dairy. A culinary challenge you might say….especially when you add… Continue reading Scout camp kitchen, Interamericas style.

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How to Cook an Egg in an Orange…

…did I tell you I was a cub leader?  Had so much fun on Friday evening building fires and cooking on them.  The cubs loved it. I made damper dough so they could wrap it around sticks to cook it over the hot embers – something that could be done over a BBQ.  Simply mix… Continue reading How to Cook an Egg in an Orange…

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Make it up as you go along chicken noodle soup!

If there is one thing I love about the cold weather is pulling out the biggest pot I have and throwing together a large quantity of soup.  There is nothing quite so comforting as a big bowl of soup on a cold day with a nice big chunk of crusty bread and maybe a bit… Continue reading Make it up as you go along chicken noodle soup!