#NutriKids Twitter Chat: Socially Distant CPD

The world is facing a huge challenge right now in the face of Covid-19. I am in France and I can’t leave my house or garden unless I am out to get food or for a health need. If I am out in breach of the rules that’ll be 135 Euro fine! So I am staying home – not that I need the threat of a fine, this is something we need to do to save lives and to support our health care workers.

We often moan about the down sides of the digital world, but right now I am celebrating the benefits of all things digital. Right now it is my means to maintain contact with the outside world. Whilst there are a lot of problems with social media that need to be considered and addressed, we must not forget the benefits in the current situation. I can communicate through my website, blog, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, zoom, e-mail and Facebook. I can remain connected with friends and family. I can work. My children can continue with their school work and tonight I am attempting my first virtual scout meeting. Wish me luck!

And CPD doesn’t need to stop. @AfNutr is continuing its programme of chats. We work together to make them happy with the team scattered from Edinburgh to Paris. Nothing changes, we were working remotely on this anyway! Join us for a friendly and informative chat on all things related to children’s nutrition on 24th March, considering children from babies to teenagers. A break from Covid-19!

The questions are on the @AfNutr website along with information on how to make the most of a Twitter Chat. Make a cuppa or pour yourself a glass of something and join us for some interesting conversation, meet some new people virtually and share resources.

A little shout out to Nutrilicious for their webinar on Wednesday evening all about the gut micobiota and athletes. It was a little highlight in my first week of lock down! A great example of free, virtual CPD. It was really interesting. I will be watching out for the next in the series.

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