Families and Individuals

I offer a range of services to help you and your family eat better whilst respecting your Food Story and focusing on cultivating a good relationship with food. Food is more than the sum of its nutrients. Evidence based. No fads. Get in touch below.


Find it hard to choose what to cook? Bombarded with information which doesn’t help? Getting stuck in a rut always making the same things or resorting to disappointing ready meals?

Meal plans with shopping lists that meet evidence based recommendations for health, adapted to meet your families needs could take away the stress of cooking and food shopping.


Have a health concern or particular health goal? Set realistic SMART food related targets to improve your food story without fads, without pseudoscience. Just positive changes that the whole household can benefit from.

“I’ve just got my repeat HbA1c blood test result back and it’s back in the normal blood sugar range! So happy! Your advice has been more helpful than I can possibly say – thank you so much. I’ve even lost some weight which I wasn’t even trying to do.”



Taking your children from drinking only milk through to becoming happy, intuitive eaters that eat a wide variety of foods can be a difficult and stressful journey.

I provide a range of resources, workshops and mentoring to help give families confidence and strategies to improve children’s eating.


A nutrition workshop with a cooking class thrown in. Pick a theme, get some friends together and cook a meal to share. At the end have some recipes and some ideas to make positive changes cooking, eating and shopping.

“When you are cooking alone you can feel that you don’t have any ideas of what to do! But with a cooking class like Lynn’s one, not only you learn new nice recipes but also you cook surrounded by very nice ladies! It’s a win win!



Would someone you know love to talk food with me, have a cooking class or have a bespoke meal plan?

A range of gift options are available.


Did you know that malnutrition is a problem in Western Europe? And that the majority of those affected are living at home?

Frailty, illness, long term health conditions can really get in the way of eating well. Lack of appetite, changes in sense of taste, fatigue etc can result in not eating enough.

I can help you to eat better or provide suitable food for someone you care in the face of long term health issues (where dietetic input is not required) .

Let’s build a better Food Story.