Cooking Classes

Eating better is often more about regaining confidence in the kitchen and learning new recipes that inspire us to cook. How to plan meals for the week, taking into account busy evening schedules, using leftovers and having a repertoire of easy and convenient recipes can really help us to eat better.

It is not all about ‘Insta’ friendly meals or about avoiding convenience foods and following an ever increasing number of rules on how we should eat. It is about variety, confidence and a little planning.

Learning how to add a bit extra veg or fibre into a meal, how to add a few meat free meals, how to use up those odds and ends you find lurking in the fridge, how to cook for people with allergies is what Lynn’s classes are about – it is not about Master Chef, but everyday meals.

Lynn is an experienced Scout Leader who is happy to teach children and families, prepare young adults who are heading off to university and expedition cooking for young people heading off Duke of Edinburgh award expeditions. She is experienced at cooking outside on fires and hiking stoves, with the understanding that expeditions are physically demanding and what you eat is key to having an enjoyable experience.