Nutrition Advice

Lynn can give personal one to one advice either face to face or via the internet. Small friendly workshops is another option – maybe over coffee, lunch or dinner with friends at home.

This can be general advice on eating better for health, tackling subjects like weaning, fussy eating or handling a teenager deciding to be vegetarian or vegan. It may be a one off session about on a nutrition issue you have heard on the news or seen on social media or a series of sessions.

Lynn is also passionate about preventing malnutrition in elderly people and those living with long term health conditions or supporting people caring for them. Simple adjustments to how to cook and plan menus can really help people to stay well and maintain a better quality of life.

Intuitive eating and encouraging healthy relationships with food is another special interest, making eating well more focused on health benefits than weight goals, reconnecting with our hunger and satiety cues without demonizing individual foods and nutrients, trying to help break away from diet culture. If weight is an issue for you then this approach is much kinder and can infer more health benefits – weight loss will be slower but tends to be more stable in long run which is better for health.