Little ones need help to try new foods?

When children find it very difficult to try new foods, a fun way to help them is with a reward chart like this one.

Get some pictures of foods that you would like them to try and let them choose which ones they are going to go on the reward chart for the week.

You decide how many ticks on the chart gets them a reward – maybe the reward is a bit more special if they have a little bite of all the new foods. Make sure the reward is not food related. It could be a trip to the park, an extra story before bed, a trip on a train or have a friend to play.

A few little things to remember:

No pressure. Comment on good things they do.

You make the food available but they decide what to try and eat. Always give very small amounts of the new food so that it is not overwhelming. And you don’t feel that you are wasting food.

Try to eat with your children as much as you can – let them see you eat different foods.

It takes time for children to get through this phase of fear of new foods. Never stop offering foods that children refuse.

Good Luck!!