Nutrition Consultations

Whatever nutrition issue, I can work with you to make positive step by step changes that your whole family can benefit from.

Your Food Story is always central, we work together with your motivations and barriers, to inspire happy eating without rules and no fads. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What do you need?

Feel like there is too much conflicting nutrition advice and not sure what is best for you and your family?

Are you struggling with weight management?

Are you concerned about a health risk that is related to what you eat?

Do you want to eat in a way that is better for your gut health, the environment or just feel you eat too much processed food?

Whatever the question, get in touch.

How does it works?

We start with a free discovery call so you can tell me a bit about you and what you want to know.

We can work with on-line video conference calls or in person.

I find the easy wins that work with your family, we start where you are and move step by step towards better eating.

I inspire you with recipes, teach you how to maintain change and always respect that food is more than just fuel.

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What people say?

“I’ve just got my repeat HbA1c blood test result back and it’s back in the normal blood sugar range! So happy! Your advice has been more helpful than I can possibly say – thank you so much.”


I am always inspired with my food shopping after a session with you.


Let’s build a better Food Story together.