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Food Matters Live 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to London for 3 days of feeling all grown up and professional.  Food Matters Live is a big event aimed at anyone involved in food – food manufacturers, food scientists, food developers, food writers, nutritionists, dietitians, researchers etc.  It has an incredible array of seminars in 9 or… Continue reading Food Matters Live 2018

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Tess Holiday and Cosmo

There has been quite a storm about Tess Holiday’s appearance on the front cover of the October edition of Cosmopolitan.  Piers Morgan certainly provoked debate with his controversial statements.  The debate is important if sometimes ugly. Why can’t a beautiful woman be on the cover of Cosmo if she is obese?  And yes she is… Continue reading Tess Holiday and Cosmo

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Do you know someone with cancer?

I found out recently that a friend has been diagnosed with cancer.  It is not the first time that a friend of mine has been through the mill (she came out the other side and is fit and healthy several years later- hooray) and I have seen friends cope with family members or close friends… Continue reading Do you know someone with cancer?

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How about a Xmas Latte anyone?

It is that time of the year again.  Creeping into middle of November, its getting cold and dark, warming mugs of hot milky drinks are just the ticket.  To start getting all festive, lots of our favourite coffee shop chains are bringing out their flavoured hot drinks.  Gingerbread latte, eggnogg latte, fudge hot chocolate and… Continue reading How about a Xmas Latte anyone?

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Paleo baby food. Whatever next?

There are, thankfully, more stories exposing restrictive eating styles as the Fads they are and not the automatic route to wellness as promised by the self styled, unqualified gurus. A lovely article in the Irish Sunday Independent when I was in Dublin a little while back, picking apart the Gwynneth Paltrow, Goop image of what… Continue reading Paleo baby food. Whatever next?

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Mindful eating could help your waistline

Mindfulness is a big thing at the moment and this concept applied to eating is gaining traction amongst nutritionists and dietitians particularly challenging the clean eating and other eating styles that can upset our relationship with food. There isn’t a whole load of evidence on weight management and mindful eating although there is a lot… Continue reading Mindful eating could help your waistline

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PHE guidance on sugar reduction in processed foods

It was good to see my boss from my Department of Health days talking on Food Matters Live website, about the plans to help industry to reduce sugar in processed foods and to reduce portion sizes of sugary foods.  Have a listen to Dr Alison Tedstone RNutr talking about how industry can make the food… Continue reading PHE guidance on sugar reduction in processed foods