Weaning and Fussy Eating

Babies and young children can be challenging when it comes to meal times. This can cause a lot of stress and worry for parents. It is not easy for the children either. I run workshops and one to one sessions to help navigate the journey to eating family meals.

The Problem

You have children who don’t seem to eat a wide variety of foods. Or maybe they just never seem to eat very much.

They have tantrums about trying new things.

Maybe you are about to embark on moving from milk to solids and find it all a little overwhelming.

How I can help

Either one to one, on-line or in person, or in small groups, we go through the developmental stages from weaning to fussy eating. Most children will have fussy phases to a greater or lesser extent.

With worksheets and fun exercises, tips, suggestions and ideas on meal planning, you will feel more confident.

Let’s build a good Food Story for you children.

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