Easter crept up on me

See original imageSuddenly it is Easter.  It seemed to creep up on me.  I know it is early this year but also I think it is being in France.  Yes there is Easter offerings on the shop shelves but in our small local supermarket, there is a bit less space and also they are not the same easter egg boxes that I am used to in the UK.

But also, Good Friday is like any other day. Kids are at school, everyone is at work. In fact, very often people have half day on Maundy Thursday back home and we are always on school holidays.  In France, the spring holiday is always the same couple of weeks in April – I have another couple of weeks before the children are off again.

But I also realised that I was missing something else.  A food of Easter.  Something that, like all things, has started appearing on the supermarket shelves in the UK earlier and earlier.  Photos of Paul Hollywood’s recipe popped up in my Twitter feed of people baking them and reveling in how good they were, a food item that I really rather like……Hot Cross Buns.

Essentially an enriched bread dough with lots of fruit and spices with a white cross on top.  Personally, I love them toasted with a little butter.  Maybe I will make some, a bit late or remember for next year.  For now, we found some in M&S in Paris which look quite nice.

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