Some tips to eat less sugar.

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This post from a while ago seems quite appropriate given all the media attention with the announcement that there is to be a sugar tax on soft drinks….

Lynn Burns RNutr

In keeping with the sugar theme, I thought some practical information is called for.  There is merit to reducing refined and added sugars.  It isn’t just beneficial for your teeth but can reduce you overall calorie intake which in turn helps with weight management.  The jury is still out on whether sugary foods and foods with a mix of sugar and fat are addictive but there is evidence that sugar does not affect hormones that tell the brain whether we need to eat or not.  But there is no doubt that sweet foods and foods with lots of hidden sugar are going to contribute to calories.

It can be hard to eat less sugar when there is so much sugar hidden in foods where you wouldn’t necessarily expect – a portion of tomato and basil pasta sauce may have 3 teaspoons in an average portion or 6 teaspoons hiding in an average…

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