Broad beans in season….just in at the market.

I need to try a new recipe with the broad beans. Broad bean and courgette pilaf inspired by lovely Simon Rimmer, he does good veggie recipes..  As per usual didn’t quite have the full ingredients but I did have some asparagus and runner beans. The recipe also requested to slice and griddle the courgettes but it was a one pot dinner tonight so they got chucked in at the sauté stage. It is smelling pretty good. In an attempt to get more recipes on my blog I have taken to writing while the food cooks.

I sauted a few runner beans with a pale courgette… areal choice of courgettes at my lovely market stall. Dark green ones, round ones, yellow ones and pale, pale green ones.

I threw in some cumin seeds, the seeds from 10 cardamon pods and chopped garlic.

I rinsed thoroughly 200g of basmati rice and that went in the pot after about 5 minutes. I stirred through half a teaspoon of turmeric and a generous shake of cinnamon. I added 400mls of water, a few chopped asparagus spears and the lovely shelled broad beans, all bright green and small, then brought it all to the boil.

After it had bubbled for a few minutes, I clamped on the lid and turned down the heat and typed.  Better check if it is done.

The rice should be cooked through and all the water absorbed. It helps to leave it to stand for a little and run a fork through to loosen the grains. And it is done. Initial nibble seems good. Add a bit of coriander to finish and maybe some yoghurt – that will do nicely. About 20 minutes with a blog post written.

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