One kitchen gadget that does it all….

…..Even has a recipe book to beat all recipe books ever with built in scales, timer and temperature control. It makes soup, it steams and can be your slow cooker. It blends, it chops, it mixes, it kneads bread dough although it doesn’t bake the bread. OK maybe not quite ‘all’ and it doesn’t wash up but I am led to believe it means less washing up.

I have had a sneak preview and was blown away by mango sorbet made by throwing in some frozen mango and a bit of sugar. But really can it do all and not sacrifice quality on some of the functions?

My experience of all singing all dancing machines is that they are helpful space savers but if you have the time you get better results using the individual machines or no machine at all, creating a bit more washing up.

So on Thursday I am having a few people round with Anita to show us the beast. Any excuse to try some food and get food ideas. But will I be convinced?

I have to say I am a difficult person to sell gadgets to. I have the slow cooker gathering dust beside the steamer and the bread maker (hey I live in France with boulangeries to die for). The hand held blender with its food processor attachments along with a very basic (and ancient) hand held mixer are the only things that see the light of day.

I am happy with my sharp knife, a wooden spoon, my hands and pots and pans. I have a host of convenient quick recipes and one pot comfort food recipes. Will I be tempted by the wonders of the Thermomix?

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