Exciting things for 2019

I just wanted to say Happy Christmas to everyone and also to share an exciting project for 2019. It started for me in a cafe in Edinburgh in the Summer over coffee and cake with Laura Wyness. The idea, a moderated, professional Twitter Chat for Registered and Associate Nutritionists. I said I would love to be part of it and it has all come together.

We are now a team of four, beside Laura and I we have Suzanne Zaremba and Vicky Pyne. A great team to be part of. Now six months or so later from that cake and coffee, we have a website, a Twitter handle @AfNutr and a date for our first chat. You are invited to join us for an hour at 8pm on 22nd January 2019. Go check out the website for the questions for the chat and tell anyone you think might be interested. Anyone with an interest in food and nutrition can tune in.

We RNutrs and ANutrs benefit from the RDUK Twitter Chat, which is amazing and a great bit of regular, free CPD (by the way, their next one is 14th Jan talking about Veganuary). There was a gap for something complementary that covered areas that RNutr and ANutr do. Discussions on research, industry, animal nutrition, public health and sports nutrition from the perspective of our jobs, support for each other in our career paths and CPD. A twitter chat with the focus on the areas that we specialise and also an opportunity to raise awareness of who we are and what we all do. I will still be tuning in to RDUK Twitter chats and I hope that dietitians will join us.

We have been getting a lot of support and already have loads of followers – thank you. If you are a registered nutritionist, in any specialism, and have ideas for chats or would even like to be a guest moderator then do get in touch. Help us make this a success.

It is all very exciting. I am only a little bit nervous!!

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