Salad – a great way to add fibre?

Well, not really if it is just lettuce. An average portion of lettuce as a side salad is just 1g of fibre. An extra gram is not to be sniffed at but adding few other things can make the side salad a more colourful addition to the meal as well as helping to sneak a bit closer to that 30g suggested daily intake.

We also need to consider that the diversity of our plant foods contributes to the diversity of our gut bacteria. So having a mixture of plant based foods in the side salad helps. Time for another little infographic!

Admittedly, this side salad is becoming a bit of meal in its own right. But simply adding a sprinkle of mixed seeds or some sweetcorn does make the salad add more to the fibre count! And a bit of extra crunch and colour too.

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