22 June – Introducing Baby to Solids Virtual Workshop for Message Paris

After a successful workshop for managing fussy eating in toddlers and young children, I have been asked to give another virtual workshop on introducing solids to babies. I am really excited and have had fun putting together the slides. Cute videos of babies feature and less cute ones – the one showing the gag reflex never fails to make my eyes water on baby’s behalf.

If you would like to join then check out the details on the Message Paris website – Message is an association for anglophone parents living in the Paris area. It provides services, support and a social network to many families.

I aim to provide a friendly interactive session addressing parents common concerns, giving lots of good resources and links to information and hopefully leave participants feeling more confident about the whole process. Introducing baby to solids can be lots of fun and be a really enjoyable, if messy, stage in baby’s life. All babies are different and it is easy for parents to feel that the process isn’t going well. It can become a little stressful.


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