Cancer – living with it or know someone who is?

It is a tough journey. Chemo, surgery, radiotherapy, anxiety, fatigue….all this and life has still got to go on including eating, cooking and shopping. Somehow, those living with cancer need to be eating well to keep themselves as well nourished as possible so they can support their bodies to recover after each treatment or surgery ready for the next challenge. For many cancer patients, it can be a challenge not to lose too much weight. And so many myths and diets around so that it can be tough to know what to eat for the best.

I have worked with a fellow nutritionist, Dr Laura Wyness, to put together a little booklet of tips, recipes and links to some great resources to help people with cancer to keep eating well. We hope to raise a bit of money for a cancer charity in the UK too. Maggie’s Centres provide support for cancer patients and their families doing lots of great work to make life a little but easier in the face of cancer.

If you would like a copy for yourself or for someone you know then pop over to the JustGiving page and make a donation – we suggest £/€ 5 but it is up to you and then get in touch for us to send you a copy. If you would like to ‘buy us a coffee’, you can order a copy here.

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