Positive meal times

Family meal times can be a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you have toddlers or teens, there can be challenges getting meals that everyone will accept and then dealing with the behaviour that can stem from the unhappy one at the table. I love Calvin. He is the epitome of the fussy eater!

I have been asked so much about how to deal with fussy eating and there are lots of resources that I share, lots of tips of how to introduce new foods and to create different environments and opportunities for kids to broaden the range of foods they eat. Much of this rests on us as parents remaining calm and confident in what we decide to feed our kids and to trust the division of responsibility. The care giver decides what is on the menu, when and how it is served and we allow the child to decide what and how much to eat. Sounds simple. Then there are the Calvins!

If we want to have happy meal times then we need to engage with some positive parenting techniques. Techniques that help us to keep our cool and stay confident. That help us to avoid pressuring and cajoling for foods to be eaten, that set a good example and prevent us from becoming a short order chef. But not so easy with a Calvin!

I wanted to know more about the skills we can use as parents to help us achieve this and so I have invited Laura Atack from Positive Parenting Paris to a Facebook Live to tell us more. If you would like to hear more on this then pop onto Facebook and join my Let’s Talk Food Facebook group and sign up.

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