Christmas is coming!!

How did that happen? Surely, only last week it seems that we were back in September? Time has morphed. So, despite the craziness that December is upon us and I am in no way ready for the festive season, how about a bit of festive fun.

I like an advent calendar – I like them to be a little different. A little bite of chocolate every morning is all very well but how about a bit of foodie fun every day? A mix of tips and recipes and conversations starters and a quiz question or two?

Laura and I have prepared a little Advent Calendar on our Let’s Talk Food Facebook Group. It is more fun with more interaction so if you are not on the group why don’t you join us. If you are on the group already then why don’t you invite a friend to join in the fun.

The whole point is to share and talk, let’s help each other get into the Foodie Christmas Spirit with support to help it be less stressful. Got a Christmas recipe or a food related tradition then please tell us.

See you there.

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