Easy Christmas gift needed?

Christmas this year may be a little difficult. If, like me, you need to travel across international borders to see family, plans may suddenly have to change or become more expensive. If you can’t take presents to family and suddenly it is too late to send something then a digital gift might be perfect.

We have added a gift option in our e-book purchasing platform. Always learning as a freelancer!! We just found out we could do that, just in time for Christmas! The Angel of Freelancers must be watching over us.

If you have someone with an interest in nutrition or cooking them one of our downloads may be perfect.

Eating Well on a Budget would be perfect for a student or young family – in fact anyone who would like to save a little cash on their food budget or wants to waste less food and do their bit for the environment will find it useful. Anyone trying to do more for the planet or trying to eat more plants may like to know more about Soya and how to cook tofu.

Any women you know that have been talking about menopause and concerned about approaching this time in their life may be happy to receive Eating Well for Menopause.

We will keep working on more projects and maybe come next year we will have a bigger choice.

Happy Christmas everyone. Hope that you get to see your loved ones if that was your plan. That you can give presents face to face.

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