Let’s Talk Food Website

Let’s Talk Food has it’s own Facebook group, it has a range of e-books and now it has it’s own website that hosts courses and downloadable resources both free and paid.


It is most definitely a work in progress with so many ideas for future courses and booklets – some being developed by our student placements right now. Do pop over and take a look. Explore the site and send us some comments.

What is missing that you would like to see?

Do you have a food related topic that interests you or questions that you would loved to have answered?

Here are what some of our visitors have to say:

Eating Well for Menopause

I not only like the content on the slides but also the interesting and clear way they are presented – both visually and how Laura and Lynn present them. The links to fact sheets, exercise video, NHS podcasts etc were really useful. All very easy to follow, digest and action! Thank you.


Introduction to Mindful Eating

This course has made me more aware of the types of hunger we may experience and how to recognise the signs of physical hunger. It was an eye-opening course that I would strongly recommend for anyone. The contents of this course were comprehensive and easy to follow. It also included a variety of resources available for download! 😃


Soya Food Freebie

Grateful soya novice: This was a really useful and clear information source on the mystery of soya and how to include it in your diet. Thank you.


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