Trustee for the Caroline Walker Trust

I am honoured to be invited to be a trustee for the Caroline Walker Trust whose aim is to ‘Improve Public Health through Good Food’ – I am not sure I could summarise what nutrition should be all about any better or more succinctly than that.

It is all very new to me and have still to attend my first meeting but I have already answered queries related to my experience of nutrition and older people.  A bundle of their publications have arrived – when I worked at Department of Health they were always close to hand so it is lovely to have my own copies of them all.  They are extremely useful resources.

I look forward to working with a charity and meeting some interesting and inspiring people.

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  1. foxsocks says:

    congratulations Lynn. I am delighted for you.
    The CWT website has some great resources that I am going to share with several friends and patients. I particularly like how visual there advice is. There is clarity in what they are advising and its not patronising in any way!

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