The diet is helping my interstitial cystitis….

Really strict avoidance of coffee, alcohol, chocolate, tomato based sauces (and only small amounts of fresh tomato), citrus juices, fizzy drink and chilli and possibly some other spices really seems to help dampen my symptoms a lot.  If you are a sufferer then do try cutting out some of those things.  These are the most commonly reported aggravators in a study carried out by Barbara Shorter (a urologist and IC sufferer).  The study also lists foods that are not reported ever as foods that aggravate this also helps to be more confident about what to eat.  The list allows a balanced (if boring!!) diet and it is unlikely that all the foods that cause irritation are going to be bad for you.  This is something that varies from person to person.

My consultant has decided that, looking at my diary, that I should try instillations – a cocktail of drugs put directly into my bladder – so hopefully this treatment combined with the diet and maybe I shall feel more normal!  Fingers crossed.

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