Leftovers for lunch

First day of giving up binning food with the Love Food Hate Waste Lent challenge saw me checking the kitchen to see what things may wind up in the bin.  It resulted in me making a weird but surprisingly nice lunch of leftovers.

There were 2 small wraps looking a bit lonely in the fridge from our fajita dinner on Saturday night, a small amount of mixed roasted veg (sweet potato, potato, parsnip and courgette) from Sunday and the remains of some hummus bought from the market on the weekend.

I warmed up the roast veg in the microwave and then the wraps, I spread the hummus on the wraps before filling them with the roast veg with some fresh yellow pepper.  It was really good with some cucumber, pepper and cherry tomatoes.  I had some fruit afterwards.  So doing not too badly on the fruit and veg count for the day either (I added dried fruit to my cereal this morning).  Plan for dinner is rice and peas at oldest son’s request which is pretty packed with veg so that will be me meeting my 5 a day.

For more information on portion sizes for your 5 a day then hop over to the NHS choices website.

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