Love tips for less waste…

….then here are a few to help stop wasting potatoes. I was amazed at how many potatoes are wasted in the UK. I know I have been guilty of forgetting to use spuds and throwing away soft, smelly, sprouting potatoes.

You certainly don’t think of potatoes being something to pop in the freezer but cooked potatoes can freeze well. Enjoy this article in the Guardian for some ideas.

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  1. neilbowles says:

    Hi Lynn

    That’s fab, I wouldn’t have thought of freezing mash, though frozen roasties are something I buy on occasions, but have never thought of doing it myself. So will now do a big batch bake and freeze, life’s too short, haha, xx.

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    1. I don’t think many people think to freeze spuds and why so many get chucked away. You could always make some leek and potato soup with extra to freeze. Like tattie scones myself with leftover mash, great with any kind of cooked breakfast. Love them with poached eggs. There is something about runny egg yolk and potatoes that I love. Guess you could also make a Spanish omelette and freeze wedges of that…..ideas are flowing. I think I need a recipe for tattie scones on the blog.x

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