How to carve out a career in nutrition?

I wish I could answer that question on my own! Luckily, the @AfNutr Twitter chat team are starting off the new decade with a Twitter chat dedicated to all things career related. We are getting some special guests who know a thing or two about nutrition recruitment along to help out.

Career development is an ongoing process, wherever you are in your journey. Life forces us to consider different choices. Different opportunities cross our paths. It is not always easy to find a new job or decide what the next rung on the ladder should be. We need to be prepared with the transferable skills that help us get the jobs we want.

So the AfNutr team are tackling the question of how do we carve out a career in nutrition? Join us on 21 Jan, 8-9 GMT with our special guests from Nutrition Talent, a nutrition recruitment agency and Zoe Griffiths, who has become known for her passion for sharing job information within nutrition circles.

For all the questions and more information about how to make the most of Twitter Chats go to the AfNutr website

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