Mac & Cheese – with more fibre

We should all be eating more fibre. The aim should be around 30g per day but in reality the average person is eating approximately 18g per day. So how to get more fibre into your meals, easily, that taste good?

Take a family favourite. Like macaroni cheese. This is a comfort food for many, gaining a lot of popularity in the eating out sector too. Filling pasta, in silky sauce with a bit of golden crust on top of melted cheese and toasted cheese sauce. What is not to like? But at 4.6g of fibre, there is room to make this dish pack a bit more of a punch in the fibre stakes. Here’s how….

I did a bit of nutrient analysis of a standard recipe……

…..then made some changes, simple ones that taste good. You might not want to do all of them at once but any one adds a bit extra fibre to the meal.

These simple things can be done to many standard recipes. Add some more veg, add a topping, switch to a wholegrain version of the starchy bit, keep the skin on the potatoes….

Each change creates a slightly different meal so adding variety to your menu. Variety is the spice of life.

And these values don’t include any fibre you might get from any salad or veg that you may have on the side.

Having a meal plan can help spot ways to add fibre when you are thinking of what to make and writing the shopping list. Get my freebie meal plan as an example to try.

Click here to get it!

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