Lockdown Lunches

How are you all doing? Are you missing nipping out to a local café to grab a sandwich? Are feeling the pain of having lunches at home every day if you are working from home day after day?

Last time we were confined, I heard a lot of people saying that they were struggling with lunch times and I did a series of posts on Facebook and Instagram called Lockdown Lunches. It was not about giving amazing Insta perfect images of wonderful lunches that look like they had taken some time to prepare. They were intended to be very real. Sometimes to inspire and sometimes to say hey you don’t have to be a chef every meal!! There were some yummy lunches and hope that people got some inspiration. Many of them were really quick and not extremely pretty. Lots of them were making inventive use of leftovers. And there were repeats!!

I feel that there is a lot of fantastic food ideas on social media. People sharing lots of delicious and beautiful meals which makes for wonderful scrolling through and can inspire and tempt us to try new things. On the other hand it can make us feel that everyone else is eating posh and different meals all the time, that it is only us scrabbling around for half decent sandwich filling or eating the same lunch everyday!! So I intended to be very honest and down to earth.

Now that we are back on lockdown I have started the Lockdown Lunch posts again. Feel free to share yours. And also any hacks that make eating in lockdown more fun, easier to organise and varied. What are your own personal lockdown food challenges that you have overcome? What are you still struggling with?

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