Eating Well with Cancer – book has been updated

At some point in our lives we will come in close contact with cancer. Someone we know will have that dreaded diagnosis and the long haul through treatment. Maybe it will be you or someone in your household.

It is so important to eat well and stay well nourished which can be hard because of fatigue, nausea and lack of appetite.

Not everyone will have the support of an oncology dietitian, often the advice you need is simply to eat a balanced diet. This is why we wrote the book – to consider the reasons why eating well might be harder and help provide suggestions and recipes that might make it easier. The booklet is not intended as a replacement to dietetic advice.

We have updated Recipes for Recovery adding extra content and making the layout a bit prettier on the eye.

We have also made it easier to get hold of it – just click on the button below to download it direct to your e-mail inbox. Don’t forget to make a donation to Maggie’s Centres via to help them support cancer patients and their families.

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